One of the most used rooms in your home is the bathroom, which not only impacts everyone in the household but can also lower your home’s resale value if it isn’t functional or looks good and clean. Because of this, it makes sense to remodel a bathroom every few years.

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Let’s discuss some of the main reasons you should consider remodeling your bathroom

  • You want to give it a whole new look: If your bathroom is starting to look a little outdated, has ugly tiles, or looks cluttered with accessories, maybe it is time to consider a remodel. You don’t have to blow your budget by breaking down walls during a bathroom renovation. Simple upgrades, such as natural ventilation or hidden toilet tanks will suffice. If you work with an experienced home remodeling contractor, they can help make the project more convenient through their connections with suppliers and skills. 
  • More Storage: As you live in a house for an extended amount of time, or maybe the family is growing, the number of products and items in that space builds up slowly. From towels to cleaning and beauty supplies, at some point, there is simply not enough room to fit everything into cabinets and drawers anymore. Clutter on countertops is also unsightly and difficult to keep clean. The best way to recreate storage space in these scenarios is by remodeling the bathroom completely. 
  • Repair damage: Over time, bathrooms fall apart from too much use. For example, you might start to see issues with plumbing, decay, and mold due to moisture exposure. Oftentimes leaks will require demolition – meaning starting over from scratch in terms of design and configuration severe enough that a total remodel makes more sense than fixing one or two problem areas. This also allows you the opportunity to include functional features like shower screens, slip-resistant flooring, and better drainage pipes in your new bathroom layout.
  • Add value to your home: Although home remodeling does not always increase the resale value, bathroom remodeling is often cited as an excellent return on investment by Real Estate companies. They report that a minor update to the bathroom, such as tub reglazing or new tile can offer homeowners an average of 102% ROI at resale. Be sure to hire professional help to get the most bang for your buck!
  • To have more energy efficiency: You have probably noticed the high utility bills. One way to reduce these costs is by installing energy and water-saving bathroom features, like a low-flow showerhead. This will considerably help prevent wastage and keep your costs down.
  • To accommodate your new lifestyle: Constantly changing needs is something we all experience. For example, the home that you bought when you were single may not work now that you have kids. Let’s say the bathroom isn’t practical for small children–this would be a reason to renovate. Another scenario where remodeling might be necessary is if an elderly loved one moves in with you, or if you’re getting older yourself and want retiree-friendly features in your house. 

If you have decided to remodel your bathroom for any of the above reasons, or something else. Here at GWP Builders Inc, are ready to help! We have all the experience, skills, and knowledge to make the bathroom of your dreams come to a reality! That’s what we do best! Give us a call and let’s start discussing your bathroom remodel today.

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