Things to Consider Before your Bathroom Remodel 


Are you thinking about remodeling your bathroom? While the prospect of a fresh, updated look can be exciting, it’s essential to be mindful and research before jumping into any kind of home renovation. Many things need to be taken care of both before and during the process, from budgeting and picking materials to ensuring everything is completed following safety standards. In this blog post, we’ll take you through all the essentials so that you can make sure your bathroom remodel goes off without a hitch!

– Do you plan to sell your home soon?

– Would you like to move around plumbing fixtures?

– What features of a new bathroom are non-negotiable for you?

– How much money can you reasonably invest in this project?




– Natural Lightning: Having an abundance of natural light in your bathroom makes the space feel brighter and more open. If possible, incorporate plenty of windows and maybe a skylight into your design. If the design of your home isn’t conducive to a traditional skylight, you might still be able to use a tubular skylight. Seeing what you’ll look like in natural light before stepping outside helps give true representations of color and skin tone.

– Artificial Lightning: Of course, even with the best natural lighting plan, you’ll need artificial light once the sun goes down. When planning your artificial lighting, think in terms of layers. for example, install dimmable LEDs for ambient light and soft lights at the head level by the vanity to avoid casting shadows on people’s faces. Some modern vanities come with built-in lighting that provides pure, broad-spectrum light that gives skin a natural appearance. Whatever fixtures you choose, be sure to avoid harsh light sources and bare bulbs.


– Opening windows or using window vents

– Running exhaust fans


Use solid wood trim rather than MDF to avoid swelling and failure in moist environments. 

When selecting a sink or tub, go for cheaper options made from porcelain or cast iron–they’ll last longer than fiberglass or acrylic surfaces.


A bathroom remodel can give you a chance to upgrade your space and get everything you’ve always wanted. But to make sure it’s done right, you need to think carefully about your expectations, needs, and budget. Here at GWP Builders, we offer high-quality Bathroom Remodeling services, customer satisfaction is our number one priority and one of our experienced team members is ready to discuss your bathroom remodel project with you! Call us today.

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