If you’re not into yard work, you can still have a fantastic backyard with a few simple tips. You’ll also save a bundle on landscaping costs, while saving the environment in the process.

While a low maintenance yard may not look as pristine as one that is pampered and tampered with, it’s still possible to have a well designed backyard. The trick is to choose the right mix of plants and hardscaping to minimize the amount of time and money you spend on lawn care.

Low maintenance landscaping focuses on a few key elements: native plants, water-efficient designs, and a few savvy strategies. These include no-dig gardening, judicious use of gravel, and even recycled materials. However, some of the best practices are the most obvious.

One of the most important things to remember is to select plants that are drought-tolerant. Drought-resistant perennial flowers and shrubs will thrive in dry soil and will require little or no maintenance once they’re established. For instance, lavender is an excellent plant to choose.

Another no-dig garden strategy is to create raised flower beds. They make it easy to maintain the lawn while allowing you to plant grass seed or a low-maintenance ground cover.

A stone pathway is another cost-effective and time-efficient way to enhance your yard’s aesthetic. Creating a stepping stone pathway will allow you to guide foot traffic without matting up your artificial grass. It can also add depth to your lawn and make for a much more stylish outdoor space.


Adding a few strategically placed rocks can also be beneficial. These can be used as a decorative accent or in the form of an ornamental dry creek bed. Stone pathways are cheap and can be found in a variety of styles.

Using a digitally printed garden art piece is another great way to add a touch of style to your yard. This type of art can be hung on a study architectural bolt or attached to a garden fence. Even better, it can last for years.

Having an ornamental dry creek bed or a low-maintenance water feature can be a real asset to any backyard. Whether you opt for a fountain, pond, or waterfall, these are excellent sensory experiences.

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Getting the most out of your yard involves a bit of effort, but it’s definitely worth it. Streamlining landscape chores can add a little something extra to your yard and can make the most of your free time. Investing in a good quality shovel, wheelbarrow, or lawn mower can be the difference between an enjoyable and frustrating summer. In fact, you can probably avoid doing many of the mundane tasks involved in maintaining your yard, like weeding, by using the aforementioned tools.

Another time-efficient yard design tip is to incorporate the feng shui concept of “backyard eye movement” into your designs. This entails creating an appealing display of trees, foliage, and other plantings. Choosing the right color schemes is also important. Some plants, such as ferns and wildflowers, are easy to grow and will help your backyard achieve a zen-like atmosphere.

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