When it comes to your residence, space is a priceless commodity. Maybe you’d like to add space to your bathroom or need a home office. The space needs vary from homeowner to homeowner, but you have options to turn your desires into a reality no matter your situation. If you’re looking for an alternative way to make more space without adding square footage to your residence, check out our three ideas below. You’d be amazed at the unutilized space within your walls already.


1) Finish your basement or attic


A basement, attic and even your garage can be a good alternative to building a home addition. If you have an ample unfinished basement with enough headroom to walk around comfortably, it can be turned into a whole new living space floor. There are so many alternatives for a space like this once it has been finished. A playroom for your kids or grandkids, family entertainment room or a gym are just a couple ideas you can get started with.

If you don’t have an acceptable basement, turn your look upward to the attic. You may not be able to picture it now, but if it has a staircase entry, you may have just found the perfect answer for that extra room you’ve wanted to add to your residence. Both of these areas have the potential to add an ample amount of square footage to your house. While completing a room isn’t as expansive as building a home addition, you’ll want to consult with a reliable design-build contractor to ensure that these structures are appropriately finished for your home remodeling project.



2) Remove interior walls


If you don’t have an acceptable basement or attic, there are other alternatives. Do you have any interior walls you could live without? Removing a wall can do marvels for opening up a space and building more room. This is especially useful if you’d like to extend your kitchen, have two small rooms that you’d like to make a more extensive space, or create an open floor plan to make your living spaces feel more ample.

It’s most reasonable to consult with a trusted home remodeling design-build contractor to help you decide which walls will be best to remove based on the design of your house.


3) Convert under-utilized space


Take a step back and look at the space you already have. Are you certainly using it most efficiently? Some areas of your home are under-utilized and could offer the extra space you’re looking for. This includes more undersized sizes, too—think about adding built-in storage under the stairs leading up to the second floor of your home, or repurpose a closet you don’t often use into a small home office nook with a built-in desk.

This repurposing tactic can apply to larger areas too. Do you have a guest bedroom that rarely gets used? Turn it into a home gym , or a game room for the kids. You can also turn an entire room into a multipurpose living area, with an entertainment center on one end and a dining room. There are plenty of home remodeling projects that can be done within the walls you already have.

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