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our services

Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling your kitchen is a great way to make a meaningful investment for your home.  It’s usually the most active space in your home and acts as a central hub for family activities.


Are you ready to remodel your home?  Most home remodeling projects  when planned out correctly not only increase home value but they create a different environment for your family.

Bathroom Remodel

You can create the luxurious bathroom you want without spending a fortune.  Every woman wants that big bathtub where she can immerse her entire body. The perfect attitude upgrade.   


The Best Customer Service

Discover and build your dream home.
Quality work produces quality results.
Measure twice and cut once.
We keep a neat and tidy work area.
We had United Construction expand our master bedroom, closets and bath. We absolutely love it!! Soon we will have them expand our patio into a wooden deck with a fireplace style BBQ.
R. Duncan
Software Engineer
New kitchen is much roomier now. I have a ton of drawers and cabinets. My counter space is almost triple from before. Thank you to united for doing a good fast job.
Megan W.
Graphic Designer
The bathroom remodel we did is great. we have a tub AND a shower. You can also sit in the shower enclosure. We will recommend your service to our friends.
Cindy P.
QA Specialist
United Construction remodeled our back deck and added a sun room. Delivered on time and within the initial budget. I can now watch the sunset outside without worrying about bugs. I should have done this years ago.
Jill W.
Corporate Community Relations

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